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Saying goodbye to our brother Max 🪂
Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that my good friend Max Slobodain (@maxignite) died skydiving in Switzerland. I stayed awake the whole night watching videos of Max and me and decided to put everything together as a tribute. I couldn't hold myself...
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A day trip to Jerusalem with Dad 🤲
A day trip to Jerusalem 🤲 A few days ago, my father, my two uncles, and I visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and had a lot of fun together. Not many people here know that I grew up in...
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I got hit by a FPV drone 🙈
The other day I was shooting a video of me skating with the fpv pilot @roee_zvi. Everything went smooth till we tried to achieve a more complicated shot which was a bit tricky, and unfortunately, the drone and I met in...
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Visiting Israel after 3 years ✈️
I took advantage of the fact that I moved out from my apt in Beverly Hills to visit Israel finally. For three years, was investing so much in my career and my goals, and As a result, I didn't want to take even...
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