‏My cousin graduated an IDF officers course πŸ‘

‏My cousin graduated an IDF officers course πŸ‘
‏‏My cousin graduated from an IDF officers course yesterday and was lucky enough to have me and my camera in the crowd.

I spent my three years in the army as an army photographer. My job was to improve the technology and maintenance corps's lousy reputation by highlighting the brighter sides this place offers and convincing the new recruits to come.

As part of my job, we would also film the graduation ceremonies in our base, and yesterday, at my cousin's tradition, it felt like I went back in time to the good old days of me as an army photographer back in time in 2013.

Even though it was challenging to film yesterday from the far stands without the ability to move, I'm still pretty satisfied with the final result. Let me know what you think 🫢🏽

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