A day trip to Jerusalem with Dad 🤲

A day trip to Jerusalem with Dad 🤲
A day trip to Jerusalem 🤲
A few days ago, my father, my two uncles, and I visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and had a lot of fun together.
Not many people here know that I grew up in a religious family, and until I was 14, I studied in Yeshiva. At some point, I felt like I didn’t do all this for myself anymore but more to satisfy my parents. I plucked up the courage and shared my feelings with my parents. Fortunately, they respected my desires and let me move to a secular school.
I love that they didn’t try to stop or convince me to stay. They gave me complete freedom to explore the world and choose by myself what is good for me. Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t come for the right reason. The results can be very extreme and devastating if you’re forced to do something after some time. We should do things only cause we want to do them with full passion and not cause other people to want us to do them.
Over the years, my parents have made sure to remind me that even though I’m not wearing religious symbols or still praying every day, I’m still counted as righteous because more critical than learning and putting into the Mitzvoth of the Torah is to pave the path with “Derech Eretz” meaning decent behavior, good personality and suchlike, which I very much support that 😇

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