I got hit by a FPV drone 🙈

I got hit by a FPV drone 🙈
The other day I was shooting a video of me skating with the fpv pilot @roee_zvi. Everything went smooth till we tried to achieve a more complicated shot which was a bit tricky, and unfortunately, the drone and I met in the air, lol.

A few insights from this case:

1. Accidents happen to the best. It would help if you tried to avoid it, but sometimes it’s not up to you.

2. As long as the injury is not too crazy bad, I’m happy I managed to take risks, try new things, have fun and once in a while, get injured; rather than worry about my life all the time, protect myself and be afraid every second that something terrible will happen.

3. Take everything in perspective. It sucks, it is terrible, but at the same time, it’s not the worse. I could easily have lost my eye in this accident if the aim differed slightly. I’m grateful to get out of this case with just a few cuts that will heal soon.

4. Life is good
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