Visiting Israel after 3 years ✈️

Visiting Israel after 3 years ✈️
I took advantage of the fact that I moved out from my apt in Beverly Hills to visit Israel finally. For three years, was investing so much in my career and my goals, and As a result, I didn't want to take even the shortest break so I won't accidentally miss the next opportunity. The truth is, there is never a good time to take a break, especially in LA.

I concluded that with all due respect to my desire to excel in my career, my family and friends are just as important, and I don't want to wake up some morning and
find out that I have missed all the precious moments with my closest people.
So even though several significant projects were expected to take place in LA in the coming month, I wasn't tempted; I refused and, a few days later, hopped on a plane to Israel. Woohoo ✈️

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