Moving out of my Apartment 🏠

Moving out of my Apartment 🏠
‏Two years ago, I moved to my loft apt in Beverly Hills, and I managed to live by myself for the first time in my life. I remember that as soon as I officially moved, Covid hit, so with the fear of the unknown, many of my friends left LA and went back home. I almost got convinced, too but eventually chose to stay. I’ve experienced so many moments in that period, and most of them were great, but I also faced many difficulties; in business, in a relationship, etc. I remind myself that no matter what happens, it happens for us. We should be grateful even for the less shining moments in our lives since every situation teaches us a lesson for the future. By looking at life from that perspective, we allow ourselves to grow and get better skills to handle life. 
I feel like I’ve learned many important lessons that shaped the person I am today, and I’m very proud of this person. Some of the classes are; I love myself too much to let someone or something hurt me through social connections or health habits, Be super friendly to strangers for no particular reason and be there for your friends. You are perfect the way you are; you are different, and that is what makes you so unique. True happiness is found in the little things in life. You will never be happy if you can’t be grateful for where you are. Anything is achievable, literally anything - you are the author of your life, and the list can go on and on. Ofer Yakov , עופר יעקב
‏In conclusion, I had almost everything I needed in this loft apt, but I still felt like I needed a fresh start. For months, I tried to make this move, but it seemed like I couldn’t find a better replacement. Sometimes you have no choice but to trust the world and believe that something greater is waiting for you in the next corner, even if you can’t see it yet.
Ofer Yakov , עופר יעקב‏To help myself make this move and not get stuck again in my comfort zone, I decided first to pack all of my stuff, store it in a storage unit and then look for a new place. I’m still unsure where my next spot in LA will be, but I know and feel more ready than ever for the next chapter of my life.
Ofer Yakov , עופר יעקב
Thank you all for being a part of my journey 🤍

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