Children Of The Sun ☀️

Children Of The Sun ☀️
"Children of the sun" is an extraordinary video project for me. I started working on this video after I came to the idea of building one big video full of magical sunsets and their unique color tones, alongside people presented as silhouettes.
During the shoots, I've found a beautiful perspective: I met so many talented people of all ages that do what they love, either if it's surfing, dancing ballet, riding horses, etc. Each of these people manages to make this passion into a lifestyle and make a living by finding time to mix it with life. It has been beautiful to see since today. It is not easy to stay true to yourself and not succumb to the pressure society sometimes puts on us. I decided to call these people, Children of the sun.
The video's intro starts with my words delivered by one of the best narrators in the world, Rory Shasta.
"Through a child's eye, the world is a place with unlimited opportunities. Children fill their days with things they love and make them happy. As we grow up, society can distract us from our passions, but we have the ability to choose; we choose to stay children, Children of the sun."
Four fun facts:
1) Every shot in this video was shot in Israel for a whole year and spans over 50 sunsets.
2) The movie was mostly shot on a Panasonic Lumix GH4; the other key camera is a DJI Drone, Mavic Pro.
3) Ofer planned quite a few shots for the movie, but the most complex shot was an act of accidental karma.
4) While Ofer was shooting the frisbee, he spotted a paraglider and hailed him to have a chat. It did not take long to buy him in. Seconds later, a rider arrived, and the same hail-chat-ok ritual took place. The frisbee shot got replaced with a paraglider-buggy-frisbee shot.

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