We stand with Israel 🇮🇱

We stand with Israel 🇮🇱
Imagine a world without wars; people are living together, respecting each other and their opinions, focusing on their goals and dreams, and taking advantage of their life effectively. Yesterday, The Jewish community of Los Angeles united to a Pro-Israel rally at Beverly Hills.
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Seeing how many Jewish people showed up to support their country, Israel, was a fantastic sight. I have been living in Los Angels for almost three years now. During this time, I have managed to meet so many new amazing people from all over the world. I never judged anyone due to his religion, skin color, or sexual orientation. I LOVE everyone and RESPECT who they are, and this is exactly how I expect others to act.
There is a lot of information on social media but always remember that every story has two sides, so be aware of making sure you’re well educated. I am blessed to have almost 40k followers worldwide; I genuinely respect those with opposite opinions who still reached out and asked to hear my perspective; communication is the key. We both want peace! 🤍🕊
Israel , superbike , Husqvarna Many people unfollowed me recently after they found out that I’m Jewish. These days social media is full of misinformation about Israel, and as a result, the amount of hate towards us is insanely huge. I’m not going to shut my mouth and let them win. I am standing proud of my country that supports freedom and peace. Why can’t the world see we are trying to protect ourselves while Hamas is flying rockets all over Israel just like that? I %100 support the phrase “Free Palestine,” not from Israel but Hamas. 

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