A track day with Robbie Maddison 🚴

Ofer Yakov , Robbie Maddison , עופר יעקב
I had the best time finally meeting and riding with @robbiemaddison and his family. Looking forward to creating some insane content with these talented guys 🚀
Robbie is an Australian motocross rider and stuntman. He's known for his motocross freestyle videos on YouTube that got millions of views worldwide. This guy shows time after time that everything is possible alongside his genuine personality, and this is what makes him so beloved by everyone.
Robbie Maddison , Ofer Yakov , ofer_yakov , עופר יעקב
Here are a few examples:
Back in 2008, Robbie successfully jumped on & off 96-ft high arc at Paris Las Vegas.
Back in 2013, Robbie filmed a video in a military service airplane. This video showcases Robbie's best freestyle motocross skills. From Step-ups to airborne shipping containers to back flips over planes.
And lastly, my favorite video of Robbie. Robbie has been focused on making surfing on his motorbike a reality for nearly two years. His efforts paid off in 2015 in Tahiti, where he rode the world-famous waves at Teahupoo and Papara.
Much appreciation and respect for you, Robbie. I am looking forward to creating content together that the world has never seen before. Robbie Maddison , Ofer Yakov , ofer_yakov , עופר יעקב

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